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Marble-Look Ink Jet Printing Glass Mosaic

Marble-Look Ink Jet Printing Glass Mosaic

   Stone mosaic is the oldest and traditional mosaic.It has a pure natural texture, and interpretates the style of nature,simplicity and elegance. However, the prices of some stone mosaics are veryhigh, especially for some special shapes, such as penny round, fish scale etc.Moreover, the stone mine is limited, after years of mining, mining resourceshave become less and less. Therefore, it is necessary to find a substitute forstone mosaic.

Now you don’t need to worry about it. We havedeveloped some marble-look ink jet printing glass mosaic. They are made fromrecycled glass materials, promoting the idea of environmental protection. Theycopy the marble veins and retain the natural texture of stone. Their waterabsorption is around zero and the colors will not fade out. They could be usedboth indoors and outdoors.


   Wecould also make them in different shapes, for example penny round, hexagon,rhombus, fish scale etc.

The biggestsurprise is their prices. Their prices are much lower than the real stonemosaics.


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